For the ceramists among you

         The "Maiolica" technique contains the following stages:

1.            The vessels are made from reddish clay (terracotta), because this sort of material has great impact on glazing and the final colour.

2.            First firing at 900O-1000O temperature.

3.            The vessel is washed under water and dried.

4.            The surface is glazed by dipping or spraying.

5.            The painting (overglaze) is painted with soft long-hair paint-absorbing brushes. The painting is done freely one surface on top of the other, to create the desired colourfulness.

6.            The background is filled with overglaze of more concentrated colours of blue, red and brown.

7.            The vessel enters the second firing without being touched by a human hand.

To achieve the best results it is important to work in a clean dustless environment.

Maiolica glazing at 1020O-1080O

bollclay 10 / quartz 8 / frita 45V06004 / nitric fealdspar (elbit) 45 / calcium (12) / oxid 6