About myself

After completing my studies in Bezalel in the area of painting and in ceramics technology in the Kaye College for Studies of Art and Visual Art-Pottery College, I've taught for 15 years at the Youth Art Center in Beer-Sheva and in the Negev Museum in the sphere of archaeology as a senior art teacher. In 1987 I've received a special award for my Negev paintings. From 1988 onwards I dedicate my time to ceramics, which I see as my destiny.




My works are exhibited on regular basis in the Eretz Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv Tel-Aviv and in the Negev Artists Gallery in the Old City of Beer-Sheva, and of course in my private gallery by my studio in Omer.

My main focus is in large-scale handcrafts, stones, tiles, casts and designs integrating ceramics and vessels




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